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Radon Mitigation Fan

Before we learn about radon mitigation fan, let's get to know more about Radon Gas first so you will know why we need to use a Radon Mitigation Fan

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launches a campaign that January is a month of combat and prevent radon gas.

Because the gas is causing people to die from lung cancer 2 billion people each year.

Radon gas is generated from natural gas. When the split of uranium in soil, rock and water.

This gas can travel along the ground into buildings and homes through cracks in the house or building foundation structure. When these gases in the home cage. It can be as harmful levels.

When we inhale it into. Will accumulate in the lungs. According to specialists.

Significant risk to consider whether radon mitigation fan is important for your house or not - at least in this gas has been based on that. Your home is the basement or not. And you use the basement as living or not.

American Home estimates that 1 in every 15 levels after radon gas increase. But because it is an invisible gas, no odor, no taste (not like tobacco smoke),

so if you do not use the test would have no way to know which e-CPS recommends that every home inspection after the third floor down below.

However, the home owner only 1 in 5 only after examining this gas. In addition to the inspection and then. Expert radon mitigation fan system can be installed to reduce radon gas, which is valued at U.S. $ 2 billion.

Now that you know how dangerous the radon gas is. You should consider using Radon Mitigation Fan to stop the gas from coming in to your house. Using pipes and fans to suck air from the south folk. Prevent radon gas from soil moving into the home through the home.

How to install Radon Mitigation Fan


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